Assignment Record– Bishop Tod David Brown

Summary of Case: Tod David Brown was ordained in 1963 in the Monterey-Fresno diocese. After the diocese split in 1967, Brown became a prominent priest of the diocese of Monterey. In December 1988 he was named bishop of Boise, ID. Brown served in Boise until 1998, when he was named bishop of Orange, CA. In a 1997 letter to the bishop of the Fresno diocese, a man claimed to have been molested by Brown in Bakersfield, CA in 1965, when the man was a 12-year-old boy. Brown denied the claim. Fresno bishop Steinbock told Brown's accuser that he had to be interviewed by a psychologist (of Stienbock's choosing) before there could be an investigation. No one interviewed Brown. The diocese deemed the accusation to be without merit. In 2004, Bishop Brown released the names of those accused in his diocese. He did not include his own name, explaining in 2007 that the omission was ..."because it was very embarrassing and very painful." Brown retired in 2012, at age 75.

: May 1, 1963
Retired: September 21, 2012


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Monterey-Fresno bishop was Aloysius Joseph Willinger, C.SS.R. (1953-1967).

1967 Our Lady of Perpetual Help


A man told the Fresno diocese in a 1997 letter that he was molested by Brown when he was a 12 year-old boy, in 1965. Brown denied the accusation.

CA 2/2

Our Lady of Perpetual Help had a school with 240-165 boys and 235-143 girls.


1963 1967 San Clemente Bakersfield CA   This was a mission of Our Lady's.


The diocese split in Dec. 1967. Monterey bishop was Harry Anselm Clinch (1967-1982).

1968 St. Francis Xavier Seaside CA 2/2  
1968 1969 On Duty Outside the Diocese     student  
1969 1972 St. Jude's Marina CA 2/2 In residence.  
1972 1974 Monterey Diocesan Headquarters Monterey CA   Brown is indexed at 580 Fremont Blvd. in the 1973 and 1974 Directories.
1974 1977 St. Jude's Marina CA 2/2 In residence. Brown was named a Monsignor in 1975


Thaddeus Anthony Shubsda succeeded Clinch (1982-1991).

1988 St. Francis Xavier Seaside CA    
1969 1988 Diocesan Tribunal Monterey CA Advocate 1969-1975; Defender of the Bond 1975-1981; Judge 1981-1988; Second Instance Judge 1983-1987  
1969 1977 Diocesan Adult Religious Education Monterey CA Director  
1969 1987 Building Commission Monterey CA   "Building and Finance Commission" 1978-1983.
Finance Commission Monterey CA   This was the "Building and Finance Commission" 1978-1983, then the "Finance Council"1983-1988.
1969 1972 Diocesan C.C.D. Monterey CA    
1969 1974 Liturgical Commission Monterey CA Chair 1969-1971  
1969 1970 Priestly Formation Monterey CA    

Vocation Commission        
1969 1977 Adult Religious Education Monterey   Director  
1969 1976 Diocesan Total Education Board (for Religious Education & Parochial Schools)

Monterey CA    
1969 1979 Diocesan Religious Education System (Youth and Adult Education) Monterey CA Superintendent/Director  
1979 1981 Office of Education Monterey CA Consultant  
Diocesan Senate and Consultors Monterey CA    
1980 1987 Administrative Committee Priests' Pension Plan Monterey CA Chair 1983-1984  
1983 1988 Presbyteral Council Monterey CA    
1984 1988 Catholic Charities Board of Directors Monterey CA    
1980 1988 Vicar General for Clergy Monterey CA    
1981 1988 Chancellor Monterey CA    
1984 1988 Moderator of the Curia Monterey CA   Brown was appointed bishop of the Boise diocese Dec. 27, 1988.


Tod David Brown was bishop of Boise (1988-1998).

Sept. 1998 Diocese of Boise Boise ID Bishop In his response to Brown's accuser in 1997 Fresno bishop Steinbock told the man that, in order to investigate, the man was required to be interviewed by a psychologist, whose contact information Steinbock provided. He added, "...the priest in question has been ordained 34 years, has lead an exemplary life, and has never had any such allegations against him in all those years. Brown's accuser said in 2007 that law enforcement did not interview him. Brown was not interviewed by church officials or law enforcement. An Orange diocesan spokesperson said in 2007 that the Fresno diocese and law enforcement investigated the claim and determined there was "no credible basis" for it. A Bakersfield police Sergeant stated in 2007 that the Department had no record of investigating the case.

September 1998

Tod David Brown was bishop of Orange (1998-2012).

September 2012 Diocese of Orange Orange CA   In 2004, as Orange bishop, Brown posted on a church door his "Covenant with the Faithful", which promised honesty with the media and transparency with Catholics of the diocese. A month later Brown released the names of accused priests of the diocese, but he did not include his own name. Brown stated in a 2007 deposition related to another case that he didn't reveal the accusation against him because "it was very embarrassing, and very painful." Brown retired September 21, 2012.


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