Assignment Record – Rev. Barry Robinson

Summary of Case: A native of Australia where he was ordained in East Melbourne in 1970, Robinson ministered in several parishes before heading to Santiago Chile in 1979 where he worked with the Columban Mission Society. He returned to Australia in 1985 and appears to have worked in an East Melbourne parish until 1992. At some point he arrived in Boston MA at Blessed Sacrament parish in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood. In 1994 he admitted to his therapist that he had "sexual relations" with a 16-year-old boy in the Blessed Sacrament rectory. Robinson also admitted to having engaged in "sexual misconduct" while he was in Chile. The therapist reported his disclosure to civil authorities. Robinson fled to his native Australia before he could be investigated. He was allowed to continue in active ministry in the Melbourne archdiocese after receiving treatment. He died October 10, 2014.

Ordained: 1970
October 10, 2014


Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State/Country Position Notes
1970     Hastings Victoria/ Australia assistant  
1970 1973   Airport West Victoria/ Australia assistant  
1974     Burwood Victoria/ Australia assistant  
1976     Dandenong North Victoria/ Australia assistant  
1979 1985  


Robinson admitted to having engaged in "sexual misconduct" while serving as a priest in Chile.



Melbourne archbishop was Thomas Francis Little (1974-1996).

1992 St. John the Evangelist East Melbourne Victoria/Australia Administrator This assignment is per the website for St. Patrick Cathedral in Melbourne. Another source places him at this parish in the late 1980s and early 1990s".


Boston archbishop was Bernard Francis Law (1984-2002).

April 1994 Blessed Sacrament

Boston (Jamaica Plain)

Robinson admitted to a therapist in March 1994 that he had had "sexual relations" with a 16-year-old boy in the rectory of Blessed Sacrament parish.

MA   Robinson's therapist reported his disclosure to the Dept. of Social Services, who reported it to the District Attorney. Robinson abruptly left the U.S. and returned to Australia in April 1994.



    Melbourne Australia hospital chaplain Melbourne's Vicar-General in 2004 stated that Robinson's "license to act as a priest" was taken away in March 1994.
1994 1996          


Little was succeeded by George Pell (1996-2001), followed by Denis James Hart (2001- ).


2004 St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Williamstown, Melbourne


assistant pastor

According to Melbourne church authorities, Robinson was allowed to return to active ministry after intensive therapy. This parish had a primary school next door. Robinson's contact with children was supposed to be restricted. In January 2004, the archdiocese refused to remove Robinson from the parish in response to calls for his removal. Robinson did leave the parish on his own accord, due to what he called "pressure of the cowards," but was returned there after a few months. Due to more outcry from parishioners with children at the parish school, Robinson resigned in May 2004, and was placed on administrative leave. The parish was deeply divided on the issue. In July 2004 Robinson was moved to a house for priests "with special problems," right next door to another elementary school, prompting another outcry.

2004 2014   Melbourne Australia supply priest

In 2010, parishioners at St. Brigid's in Healesville discovered that Robinson was to conduct Easter services as a fill-in priest at their parish. Easter services were canceled after parishioners campaigned to prevent Robinson from coming to St. Brigid's.

Robinson died October 10, 2014.


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