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Over the Rhine and Into the Tiber
December 4, 2012

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From the December 2012 AOC Clergy Communications in regards to Father James Kiffmeyer, who we learn no longer has priestly faculties from the AOC after he informed +Schnurr that he has “no intention” of returning to ministry as a priest:

In July 2012, James Kiffmeyer resigned as pastor of Holy Family Parish, Price Hill and requested and was granted a personal leave of absence which began on August 1, 2012.
He recently informed Archbishop Schnurr that he has no intention of returning to ministry as a priest. He no longer has the faculties of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Father Kiffmeyer, you may recall gained notoriety in 2002 when he was suspended by the AOC while an investigation was conducted regarding alleged sexual misconduct. Kiffmeyer, who denied all allegations, reached a “four figure” settlement with one of his accusers but was later reinstated by the Vatican in 2006.

Father Kiffmeyer also made the news exactly one year ago (Dec 2011) after a minor controversy erupted after he gave the closing prayer at a Cincinnati City Council swearing-in ceremony.

Father Kiffmeyer’s Facebook page was set to a public setting (as of 4:30pm Tuesday 4 December 2012) and showed that he is employed at a local tri-state pharmacy, that he is “single” and that he is interested in “women.” In the “About Jim” section it states “Too much to tell here.” One of his “likes” is the Da Vinci Code.

Although without priestly faculties, all signs seem to indicate that Father Killmeyer remains in the clerical state (for now).

Please pray for Holy Family parish in Price Hill, Father Killmeyer, and all troubled priests.

Christ High Priest, have mercy on us. 














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