Assignment Record – Bishop Joseph Keith Symons

Summary of Case: A Michigan native, Joseph Keith Symons was ordained in 1958 for the St. Augustine diocese, where he became a member of the diocesan Tribunal and an Episcopal Vicar. Symons was known for recruiting young people to the church and for his progressive outreach programs. He directed several camps for children, one of which he had founded. When the diocese split in 1968, Symons ministered for the diocese of St. Petersburg. He held numerous chancery positions in his new diocese. While serving as St. Petersburg's Chancellor in the early 1970s, he accepted into the diocese a known perpetrator of sexual abuse of children; Symons quietly left cash for the mother of two of that priest's victims when she confronted him years later. He denied knowing the priest was a perpetrator. Symons was elevated to Auxiliary Bishop in 1981, and was appointed Bishop of Pensacola-Tallahassee in 1983. In 1990 he became Bishop of Palm Beach. In 1995 Symons admitted to having sexually abused a boy years earlier, after the victim came forward; Symons said he this was his only victim and was allowed to remain in ministry. Another man disclosed sexual abuse as a child by Symons in 1998. Symons resigned several days later and admitted to having sexually abused five boys early in his career. Bishop Symons returned to his home state of Michigan where he lived in a convent and led adult spiritual retreats.


: 1958
Ordained bishop: March 19, 1981.


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


St. Augustine bishop was Joseph Patrick Hurley (1940-1967)

1959 St. Monica's


Symons admitted in 1998 that he had molested five altar boys four decades earlier. The admission came after a man in his 50s surfaced with an accusation that Symons molested him over a three year period, begining when the man was 13 years old.

FL 2/2  
1958   St. John Manor   FL Director This was an overnight camp and retreat for children and youth of the diocese.
1958 1959 St. John's Crescent City FL   This was a mission of St. Monica's in Palatka.
1958 1959   Interlachen FL   This was a station of St. Monica's in Palatka.


Hurley was succeeded by Paul Francis Tanner (1968-1979)

1968 Diocesan Tribunal St. Augustine FL    
May 1959   Good Counsel Camp Floral City FL Assistant Director Symons founded this camp for children.
    St. Jude's St. Petersburg FL   This assignment is per news articles.
    St. Ignatius Tarpon Springs FL   This assignment is per news articles.
1959 1961 St. Patrick's Pinellas Park (Largo) FL 2/2 St. Patrick's had a school with 87-198 students.
1959 1961 Espiritu Santu Safety Harbor FL   This was a mission of St. Patricks in Pinellas Park.
1961 1962 Sacred Heart Pinellas Park FL 1/2 Sacred Heart had a school with 161 students.
1962 1966 St. Paul's Leesburg FL 1/1 St. Paul's had a school with 98-165 students.
1962 1966 St. Lawrence Bushnell FL    
1966 1968 Episcopal Vicars St. Augustine FL    


The diocese split in 1968. St. Petersburg bishop was Charles Borromeo McLaughlin (1968-1978)

1971 St. Joseph's Bradenton FL 1/2, 1/3 St. Joseph's had a school with 202-417 students.
1966 1969 St. John the Apostle Samoset FL   This was a mission of St. Joseph's in Bradenton.
1968 1969 Sacred Heart Bradenton FL    


McLaughlin was replaced as St. Petersburg bishop by William Thomas Larkin (1979-1988)

1981 St. Mary Our Lady of Grace St. Petersburg FL 6/6, 7/7, 6/8, 5/8, 4/7, 3/5, 3/6, 5/6 In residence. "Very Rev."  
1968 1983 Building Commission

St. Petersburg FL    
Liturgical Commission St. Petersburg FL    
1968 1983 Liason Commission for Interdenominational Affairs/Commission for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs St. Petersburg FL    
1968 1983 Commission for Communications Media St. Petersburg FL Chair/Director 1970-1975  
Realty Board St. Petersburg FL    
1971 1983 Vicars General St. Petersburg FL    
Diocesan Consultors St. Petersburg FL    
1971 1974 Vicar for Religious Women St. Petersburg FL    
1971 1981 Financial Advisory Board St. Petersburg FL Chair  
1981 1983 Financial St. Petersburg FL    
1981 1983 Financial St. Petersburg FL    
1973 1981 Chancellor St. Petersburg FL   While he was Chancellor, in the early 1970s, Symons accepted into the diocese admitted perpetrator of child sexual abuse, Rev. Rocco Charles D'Angelo. D'Angelo remained there as an active priest for 25 years. The mother of two of D'Angelo's victims confronted Symons when he was Palm Beach bishop in 1995. Symons denied knowing about D'Angelo's abuse history, and subsequently began to leave weekly allotments of cash for the mother, for her sons' needs.
1974 1980 Master of Ceremonies St. Petersburg FL    
1981 1983 Incardination Commission St. Petersburg FL    
1978 1983 Priests' Personnel Committee St. Petersburg FL    
1981 1983 Diocesan Advisory Board St. Petersburg FL    
1981 1983 St. Catherine of Siena Largo FL 1/3 Symons was elevated to Auxilliary Bishop in 1981.


Pensacola-Tallahassee bishop was Joseph Keith Symons (1983-1990)

1990         Symons was appointed Bishop of Pensacola-Tallahassee Sept. 29, 1983, and installed Nov. 8, 1983.


Palm Beach bishop was Joseph Keith Symons (1990-1998)


Symons was appointed Bishop of Palm Beach June 2, 1990, and installed July 31, 1990.

In 1995 a man came forward to Bishop John Smith of the Pensacola-Tallahasee diocese with an accusation that Symons had sexually abused him when he was a boy. Symons admitted the abuse, said there was "only" one victim, and was allowed to continue in ministry.

Symons resigned in 1998 after admitting to sexually abusing five boys early in his career. He said his abuse of boys ended twenty-five years earlier.

1998   St. Luke Institute Suitland MD patient  
1999     Alma MI   Symons was back in ministry in Michigan by 1999, living in a convent and conducting retreats for adults.


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