Rev. Eric Swearingen

Sued 2002. Accused of abuse of altar boy from 1989-1993 at Our Lady Of Guadalupe Church; Bakersfield. Diocese conducted internal investigation and said allegations were not credible. Per 11/02 article, DA's office will not pursue criminal charges because found no evidence and had no witnesses. Still active priest as of June 2008. Civil trial started 11/29/06. Ended in mistrial Dec. 20, 2006. Case going to binding arbitration 5/07. Decision to be secret. Named rector of diocesan high school in 12/07.

Ordained: 1987

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Fresno bishop was Jose de Jesus Madera Uribe (1980-1991)


Our Lady of Guadalupe



Accused in 2002 of having molested an altar boy, while at this and another parish, over several years, when the boy was 12-15 years old. (Fresno Bee
December 6, 2006)



Pastor was Rev. Alfonso Simon (Spain). Third priest 1987-1988 was Ignacio Pelayo (Mexico), replaced by Lucas Espericueta (Mexico) 1988-1989.

Parish had a school with 210-189 students. Swearingen was Principal.
1987 1989 Holy Spirit Bakersfield CA   Holy Spirit was a mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
1987 1989 St. Jude 's Bakersfield CA  

St. Jude was a mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

1989 1990 Our Lady of Victory





Pastor was Msgr. J. Wayne Hayes. Third priest was Ricardo Magdaleno.

Parish had a school with 255 students.


Uribe was replaced as Fresno bishop by John Thomas Steinbock (1991- )

1992 St. Alphonsus


Accused in 2002 of having molested an altar boy, while at this and another parish, over several years, when the boy was 12-15 years old. (Associated Press, carried in San Luis Obispo Tribune
November 30, 2006)


1/1, 1/2

Rector. Rev. Stephen A. Frost was in residence 1991-1992.


1990 1992 St. John Vianney House Fresno CA


Rev. David A. Brum was Director. Swearingen was Spiritual Director.

St. John Vianney was a Diocesan House of Formation. There were 10-9 students.
1992 1999 St. Helen's Fresno CA


From 1995-1997 Revs. Stephen Frost and Joseph Hoan (Vietnam) were in residence. They were replaced 1997-1999 by Revs. Joseph Nguyen (Vietnam) and Jerry Amerando.

St. Helen's had a school with 240-269 students, and a religious education program with 350-215 students.


1999 2001 St. Peter's Lemoore CA 1/1 St. Peter's had a school with 243 students, and a religious education program with 444-345 students.
1999 2001 St. Joseph's Stratford CA   St. Joseph's was a mission of St. Peter's.
1999 2001 St. Rosa Tache Indian Reservation CA   St. Rosa's was a mission of St. Peter's.
2001 2008 Holy Spirit Fresno CA 1/1

Holy Spirit had a religious education program with 350-770 students.

Holy Spirit had two missions (see below), and Shaver Lake was a Holy Spirit station.

According to the Holy Spirit website, Swearingen remained pastor in 2008.

2001 2002 St. Agnes Pinedale CA   St. Agnes was a mission of Holy Spirit in Fresno.
2001 2007 Infant Jesus of Prague Tollhouse CA   Parish was a mission of Holy Spirit in Fresno.
2002 2007 Diocesan Consultors        
2002 2007 Vicars Forane        
2002 2007 Diocesan Personnel Committee        
2002 2007 Priests' Council        
2008   San Juaquin Memorial High School Fresno CA


(Mercury News
December 28, 2007)


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