Rev. James M. Silva

Ordained: 1967

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Bishop of Providence was Russell J. McVinney (1948-1971).

1968 Church of Jesus Saviour (Portuguese) Newport RI


Revs. Joseph A. Cardoza, Administrator; James M. Silva

Parish had a school with 170 boys and 163 girls.


1968 1969 St. Francis Xavier (Portuguese) East Providence RI


Revs. Manuel Rego; Gerard L. Claessens; James M. Silva

Parish had a school with 240 boys and 277 girls.
1969 1971 Church of Jesus Saviour (Portuguese) Newport RI


Revs. Joseph A. Cardoza, Administrator; James M. Silva

Parish school had 94-98 boys and 129-132 girls.


1971 1972 St. Barnabas Portsmouth RI


Rev. Thomas B. Hart; James M. Silva.




Bishop was Louis E. Gelineau (1971-1997)

1974 St. Christopher's



Allegations in 1994 emerged that Silva sexually abused a 15 boy while at this parish (Providence Journal-Bulletin, March 18, 1994).



Revs. James A. Mangan, C.S. Sp.; John McHugh, C.S. Sp.; James M. Silva.


Listed in Directory as in residence 1973-1974.


1974 1975

St. Mary's


Bristol RI


Revs. William C. O'Connell, James M. Silva

O'Connell convicted in 1986 of sexual abuse of boys (Associated Press
June 24, 1986.)

1974 1975 Our Lady of Prudence Prudence Island RI


Revs. William C. O'Connell, James M. Silva

Our Lady's was a mission of St. Mary's during summers.
1975 1976 St. Matthew's



• Silva was reported twice to diocese for molesting young boys while at St. Matthew's (Boston Globe March 16, 2002).


3/4; Rev. Msgr. George J. Brennan; Revs. Philip A. Magaldi; James Silva; Robert C. Gagne.





Parish had a school with 512 students.

Magaldi accused in 1997 and 1999 of sexual abuse (Dallas Morning News [Fort Worth TX]
November 29, 2006).

1976 1980 St. Joseph's



Removed from St. Joseph's after accusations of sexual abuse (Boston Globe
March 16, 2002).



Silva worked under Rev. William M. Gallagher 1976-1979. In 1979-1980 he worked under Rev. Thomas L. Keenan,in which year they were joined by Rev. Mr. Alfred P. Leach and Rev. Daniel C. Holland, Pastor Emeritus.



1976 1980 Dr. U. E. Zambarano Memorial Hospital Wallum Lake RI   Zambarano Memorial was a mission of St. Joseph's.
1980 1981 St. Lucy's


Removed from St. Lucy's due to accusation of abuse of a boy (Boston Globe
March 16, 2002).



Revs. Timothy L. Gillen; Thomas J. Carnevale. James M. Silva.

1981 1982 ? ? ?   Indexed in Directory as "on duty outside the diocese" and listed in the Directory's diocesan pages under "advanced studies".
1982 1983 SS. Peter and Paul West Warwick RI


Revs. Edward F. Boland; James M. Silva.


1983 1986 Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul Providence RI

2/5, 2/4

Silva worked uner Rev. Francis J. Giudice, Rector. In residence was Rev. Robert E. Evans, as well as Most Rev. George Pearce, S.M. in 1983-1984 and Rev. James J. Hamilton 1984-1986.

1986 1993 Assistant Director of Ministerial Formation


Accused of assaulting an 18 yr. old male in 1991 at a parish while filling in for a vacationing pastor. Went on a leave of absence in 1994 after lawsuits filed against him. (Providence [RI] Journal-Bulletin
July 3, 1994)

Convicted in 1995 and received a seven-year suspended sentence. (Boston Globe March 16, 2002)

RI Silva worked under Rev. Robert J. McManus.  


Bishop was Robert E. Mulvee (1997-2005)


2003 Retired       After 2003, no longer appears in Official Catholic Directory.

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1968-2003).

Priests in a Parish: We use the following convention to show a priest's place among the clergy of a parish: 1/2 means that he is the first priest listed in the Official Catholic Directory (usually the pastor) and that there is a total of two priests at the parish. The shorthand 3/4 means that the priest is listed third on a four-priest roster. See our sample page from the Directory.

Note: The Official Catholic Directory aims to report the whereabouts of Catholic priests in the United States on January 1 of the Directory's publication year. Our working assumption is that a priest listed in the Directory for a given year was at the same assignment for part of the previous year as well. However, Kenedy & Sons will sometimes accept updates well into the year of publication. Diocesan clergy records are rarely available to correct this information. The Directory is also sometimes misleading or wrong. We have tried to create an accurate assignment record, given the source materials and their limitations. Assignment records are a work in progress and we are always improving the records that we post. Please email us with new information and corrections.


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