Assignment Record– Rev. Harold Francis Quigg

Summary of Case: Harold Francis Quigg was ordained a priest of the Seattle archdiocese in 1960. Over much of four decades he ministered in parishes - as an assistant, then pastor - until his 2000 retirement. The Official Catholic Directory shows him during 1987-1988 to have been on 'Special Assignment' and 'Medical Leave'. In a June 2003 report the archdiocesan Review Board stated that there was sufficient evidence to support an allegation that Quigg sexually abused a 17-year-old male, but that the church's age of consent at the time of the abuse was 16. It also found that Quigg passed the boy around to other priests and friends. The Board determined that Quigg's actions were so "egregious" that he was "unsuitable for the priesthood." He was removed from active ministry; parishioners were not informed. In 2014 there was an outcry when it was discovered that Quigg continued to perform baptisms, weddings and funerals, despite his removal. The archdiocese stated it did not publicize Quigg's removal to respect Quigg's request for privacy and because "the sexual contact did not involve a minor." Quigg's laicization was announced in July 2015. He died in November 2015.

Retired: 2000
November 11, 2015


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Seattle archbishop was Thomas Arthur Connolly (1950-1975).

1966 St. Mary Magdalene Everett WA 2/2 St. Mary Magdalene had a school with 58-175 boys and 72-195 girls. The 1966 Directory shows a Junior High with 14 boys and 21 girls.
1960 1966 St. John Evangelist Mukilteo WA   This was a mission of St. Mary Magdalene in Everett.
1960 1966 Paine Field AFB   WA   This was a station of St. Mary Magdalene in Everett.
1966 1968 Holy Family Kirkland WA 2/2 Holy Family had a school with 170-173 boys and 187-186 girls.
1968 1972 St. James Cathedral Seattle WA 2/6, 2/5 St. James' had a school with 80-31 boys and 116-49 girls.
1968 1972 Mt. Carmel Center   WA   This was a station of St. James Cathedral in Seattle.


Connolly was succeeded by Raymond Gerhardt Hunthausen (1975-1991).

1981 St. Vincent de Paul

Federal Way

The archdiocesan Review Board found in 2004 that Quigg had "sexual contact" with a 17-year-old male beginning in 1980 and continuing for 15 years, and that Quigg passed the boy around to other priests and friends.

WA 1/1, 1/3, 1/2 St. Vincent de Paul had a school with 265-210 students.
1981 1987 Sacred Heart Bellevue WA 1/3, 1/1, 1/2 Sacred Heart had a school with 480-368 students.
1987 1988 Special Assignment/Medical Leave       Address given is that of the Chancery (910 Marion St., Seattle).
1988 1989 St. Anthony's Renton WA 2/2 St. Anthony's had a school with 382 students.


Thomas Joseph Murphy replaced Hunthausen (1991-1997), followed by Alexander Joseph Brunett (1997-2010).

2000 St. Bridget's Seattle WA 1/1 The 1999-2000 Directories show a religious education program with 175 students.
2000 2002 Retired Seattle WA   Address given is that of the Chancery (910 Marion St., Seattle).
2002 2003        

Quigg is not indexed in the 2003 Directory.

The archdiocesan Review Board in 2003 stated that there was sufficient evidence to support an allegation that Quigg sexually abused a 17-year-old, but that the church's age of consent at the time of the abuse was 16. The Board determined that Quigg's actions were so "egregious" that he was unsuitable for the priesthood."

2003 2005 Retired      

Chancery address.

Quigg was removed from active ministry in 2004.

2005 2006         Quigg is not indexed in the 2006 Directory, nor is he listed under Retired in the Seattle pages.
2006 2009 Retired

Seattle WA  

Seattle condo address.

Quigg is not indexed beyond the 2009 Directory.


Brunett was succeeded by James Peter Sartain (2010-).

2014         Quigg's 2004 removal was not made known publicly, and Quigg continued to activley minister, performing baptisms, weddings and funerals. Per the archdiocese in 2014, "Quigg's request to respect his privacy was observed" and because "the sexual contact did not involve a minor." The statement was in response to an outcry from St. Brigid parishioners upon learning in 2014 of the 2004 allegations and removal. Former leaders of the Review Board who had recommended Quigg's removal called the archdiocese's rationale for not disclosing the situation to the public "astonishing."


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This assignment record was last updated on April 22, 2016.

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