Rev. Oliver Francis O'Grady

Ordained: 1971



Convicted in 1993 and sentenced to fourteen years in prison. Served seven years and then deported to Ireland. There was a $7M settlement, as well as other settlements. Known to have molested at least twenty five boys and girls. Laicized. Documentary released 2006 with interviews by O'Grady. Much publicity. In 10/06 he disappeared from Ireland and may have fled to Canada. Suit filed 12/06 includes Irish Archdiocese. Settled in 12/06 for $3M after Irish Archdiocese dismissed. Another suit filed 12/07 by a woman. Still unable to locate him 12/08.
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Stockton Bishop was Merlin Joseph Guilfoyle (1969-1979)

1977 St. Anne's


Sexually abused an 11 year old girl in 1976. Her parents went to the bishop, and O'Grady wrote a letter of apology to them. (Los Angeles Times
April 7, 2002) Later known to have sexually abused a five year old girl, also a St. Anne's parishioner. (Sacramento Bee [California]
October 18, 2006). Eventually admitted to abusing at least 25 children (News-Sentinel
December 20, 2007). A plaintiff's attorney in 11/2008 stated O'Grady "molested hundreds and hundreds of children" over almost 30 years. (The Record
November 20, 2008)


4/4, 3/3,2/2,2/3

Msgr. Patrick J. Morris, Pastor Emeritus is listed first 1971-1974, replaced in that spot 1974-1975 by Rev. Robert E. Dreher, and 1975-1977 Rev. Cornelius P. DeGroot was Pastor. Listed second 1971-1972 was Rev. Thomas P. Hannon. Rev. Michael Newman S.D.S., was listed second 1972-1973, dropping to third priest the following year, 1973-1974, then back to second 1974-1975. Rev. Robert E. Dreher was in the third spot 1972-1973 , and moved up to second 1973-1974. O'Grady was listed last each of these years, except for 1976-1977 when the fourth spot went to Rev. John J. Hillenbrand.

St. Anne's had a school with 318-270 students.
1971 1973 Acampo Center       This was a mission of St. Anne's.
1971 1977

St. Joachim's

Lockeford CA   This was a mission of St. Anne's.
1971 1977 Mater Ecclesiae Thorton CA


This was a mission of St. Anne's.


Roger Michael Mahony replaced Guilfoyle as Bishop (1980-1985)


Sacred Heart






O'Grady assisted Msgr. Manuel V. Alvernaz. Third priests were Msgr. Manuel da Costa Nunes (Portugal) 1977-1978, Revs. Joseph K. Guratana 1979-1980, John E. Fitzgerald (Canberra) 1981-1982.

Sacred Heart had a school with 196-235 students.

1982 1984 Presentation of Blessed Virgin Mary


Admitted to molesting a nine year old boy to police during an investigation of child abuse. He had been abusing this boy and his brother since they were toddlers. The police drpooped the investigation and the abuse continued into the boys' late teens. (Los Angeles Times
April 7, 2002) Another brother and a sister from that family were also molested by O'Grady. ([Los Angeles] New Times
April 18, 2002)



Pastor was Rev. John M. Pruett.

Parish had a school with 288-274 students.


Donald William Montrose replaced Mahony as Bishop (1985-1999)

1992 St. Andrew's

San Andreas

Sexually abused a baby girl, the daughter of St. Andrew's parishioners, beginning when she was nine months old, as well as her grade school aged brother. ([Los Angeles] New Times
April 18, 2002)



O'Grady is listed as Administrator. Msgr. Martin Starc was Pastor Emeritus. In residence 1984-1985 was Rev. George Marenco.

1984 1992 St. Thomas Aquinas Mokelumne Hill CA   This was a mission of St. Andrew's.
1984 1992 Our Lady of Fatima West Point CA   This was a mission of St. Andrew's.
1986 1988   Railroad Flat CA   This was a station of St. Andrew's.
1986 1992   Valley Springs CA   This was a station of St. Andrew's.
1992 1993

St. Anthony's


Hughson CA


Working under O'Grady was Rev. Nicolas Garcia.

1992 1993

St. Louis



La Grange CA   This was a mission of St. Anthony's.
1993 1995

Absent on Leave


Convicted in 1993 of molesting two brothers, including the nine year old boy he had admitted to abusing in the mid 1990s. He was sentenced to fourteen years in prison, but was released after seven in 2000, and deported to Ireland. (Los Angeles Times [California]
June 26, 2006) O'Grady seemed to have fled Ireland in 2006, after the release there of the film, "Deliver Us From Evil". (Sacramento Bee [California]
October 18, 2006) His whereabouts were still unknown in late 2008. Victims continued to come forward in 2008 (Limerick Leader October 30, 2008)
    O'Grady does not appear in the Directories after 1995.

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1972-1995).

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