Bro. David J. Nickerson, B.G.S.

Summary of Case: Nickerson, who was known as "Brother Dave", confessed in 2007 to having sexually abused a 9- or 10-year-old third grader in the mid-1980s. His victim was one of the altar boys Nickerson "oversaw" at a Milwaukee parish. Another Brother Dave had been wrongfully convicted and jailed due to mistaken identity. He was released when Nickerson confessed. Nickerson was sentenced in January 2010 to five years in prison.


Start Stop Parish Town/Accusations State Position Notes
1964 1966       Nickerson joined the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd in 1964. He is said to have left the order in 1966.
1966 mid-1980s          


Milwaukee archbishop was Rembert George Weakland, O.S.B. (1977-2002)

  St. Vincent DePaul Parish and School


Nickerson confessed in 2007 to having sexually abused a 9- or 10- year-old St. Vincent third grader, who was an altar boy, in the mid-1980s.

WI In charge of altar boys.  


The Milwaukee altar boy was also sexually abused by Nickerson in 1988 in Delaware. Nickerson had moved to Delaware, and the boy visited for about a week. Nickerson had been a "trusted family friend".

DE   Nickerson's victim was also abused by family members who confessed and went to prison. As an adult in 2007, the former altar boy was in prison himself for child sexual assault.
1991 2008        

Nickerson is said to have returned to the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd in 1991.

In 2007 Nickerson confessed to having sexually abused the young altar boy in the mid-1980s in Milwaukee. He had been living in California. In 2004 another Bro. Dave had been arrested, wrongly convicted, and sent to jail for Nickerson's crimes, due to mistaken identity. The other Bro. Dave was released after eight months when Nickerson confessed.

2008 2010

Wounded BrothersProject/RECON

Robertsville MO  

RECON is a facility near St. Louis for troubled clergy, including perpetrators of child sexual abuse.

In January 2010 Nickerson was sentenced to five years in prison.



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