Rev. Titian "Jim" Miani, S.D.B.

A priest of the Salesians of Don Bosco and native of Italy, Miani was ordained in 1955 in California. He had previously been a Salesian brother. In 1947 - while still in Italy - Miani was accused of sexually abusing a boy on a church retreat. He later worked at a Salesian-run boys' home in Edmonton, Canada; he was accused there by at least three students of child sexual abuse. Miani entered a Salesian seminary to prepare for the priesthood in 1950, in California. After ordination he served in the Monterey-Fresno diocese, followed by Los Angeles. He was accused in a 2008 lawsuit of sexually abusing at least 12 students there, during his time at St. John Bosco High School. Those accusers included four siblings - three girls and a boy. In 1967 he transferred to San Francisco and, later, Stockton. Miani worked in the Oakland diocese, as well. In 1993 a woman reported to the San Francisco archdiocese that Miani molested her over several years beginning in about 1970, when she was in sixth grade. He was arrested in 2003 and charged with abusing two girls in Los Angeles; an archdiocesan report shows there were four accusers alleging abuse from 1957-1967. The charges were dropped in 2003 due to a California Supreme Court ruling regarding statutes of limitations.

Ordained: 1955

Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State/Country Position Notes


Miani was accused of assaulting a boy during a church retreat in Perdonone, Italy, in 1947.

Italy   The abuse is said to have been reported to church authorities, who then sent Miani to Brazil.
      Rio de Janero Brazil   Miani was sent to Brazil for a few months to do missionary work with children.
1948 1950 St. Mary's Home for Boys


Accused by at least three students of sexual molestation.

Alberta, Canada   This was a Saleisan-run boarding school for Native American boys.
1950 1955 Seminary   CA  

A 1950 letter from the President of the Salesian Society in the U.S. to the American Consul in Genoa, Italy refers to Miani as "Rev. Brother Miani, S.D.B.", assuring the Consul that Miani was coming to the U.S. for "no other reason" than to continue his studies toward ordination to the Salesian priesthood.


Monterey-Fresno bishop was Aloysius Joseph Willinger, C.SS.R. (1953-1967)

1957 St. Francis School Watsonville CA   St. Francis was a high school run by the Salesians of St. John Bosco, with 68-65 students, all male.
1957 1958   Edmonton Alberta, Canada  

Miani is not indexed or listed in the diocesan pages of the 1958 Directory.


Los Angeles archbishop was James Francis Louis McIntyre (1948-1970)

1959 St. John Bosco High School



CA 7/7

Revs.Geo. M. Salbeck, s.d.b., Dirl; Lucian Lomello, s.d.b., Albert Adreatta, s.d.b., Fred Consol, s.d.b., Louis Conconi, s.d.b., Victor Androni, s.d.b., Tizio Miani, s.d.b., Manuel Barbariol, s.d.b, Benjamin Figueroa, s.d.b.

Miani is indexed and listed in the Los Angeles diocesan pages of the Directory as "Tizio" Miani.

St. John Bosco High School hd 302 students, all male.

1959 1963 Bishop Mora Salesian High School Los Angeles CA

8/9, 3/11, 3/13, 3/12

Principal was Rev. John J. Malloy, s.d.b. Vice Principal 1959-1960 was Rev. Michael Ribotta, s.d.b., replaced1960-1963 by Rev. Ralph Murphy, s.d.b. Treasure 1959-1960 was Rev. James Collins, s.d.b., replaced 1960-1963 by Miani. Other priests working with Miani at Bishop Mora during these years were Revs. Charles J. Farina, s.d.b., Frank Branjos, s.d.b., Alfred Consol, s.d.b., Emmanuel Barbariol, s.d.b., Benjamin Figueroa, s.d.b., Marco Flac, s.d.b., John Tkalec, s.d.b., John Brown, s.d.b., Illio Torricelli, s.d.b., Anthony Krajci, s.d.b., George Pratte, s.d.b., Albert Andreatta, s.d.b., Larry Lorenzoni, s.d.b.

Bishop Mora was a high school with 425-835 students, all male.


















Lorenzoni was accused of abuse of two high school aged boys.



1966 St. John Bosco High School


According to a 2008 lawsuit, Miani molested more than a dozen children during his two stints at St. John Bosco, including four siblings- a boy and three girls- whom Miani befriended after the death of their father.


3/8, 3/9, 3/10

Director and Pincipal was Rev. John J. Malloy, s.d.b. 1963-1965, replaced by Rev. Joseph J. Mediati, s.d.b. 1965-1966. Vice Principal was Rev. S.H. Giacomini, s.d.b. Other priests working at St. John Bosco during these years were Revs. Louis Gallo, s.d.b., John Jakub, s.d.b., George Pratte, s.d.b., Alphonse Straub, s.d.b., Daniel Travares, s.d.b., Mirko Flac, s.d.b.

St. John Bosco High School had 430-600 students, all male.
1966 1967         Miani is indexed as at St. John Bosco but not listed there in the Los Angeles diocesan pages of the 1967 Directory.


Oakland bishop was Floyd Lawrence Begin (1962-1977)

1968 Salesian High School Richmond CA


Revs. John Maxwell, s.d.b., Director and Principal; John O'Brien, s.d.b., Vice Principal, Charles Farina, s.d.b., James Chiosso,s.d.b., Innocente Clementi, s.d.b., Albert Mengon, s.d.b., James Miani, s.d.b., Frank Varanjos, s.d.b. Peter Ago, s.d.b., Arthur Brainard, s.d.b.

Miani is indexed twice in the 1968 Director-as Titian at St. John Bosco HS in Los Angeles, and as James in Richmond, CA. He is listed in the diocesan pages at Salesian High School in Richmond, as James.

Mengon was accused of abusing at a Salesian youth camp.

Salesian High School had 350 students, all male.

1968 1969         The 1969 Directory indexes Miani twice-as Titian at St. John Bosco in Los Angeles, and as James in Richmond CA. He is not listed in the diocesan pages is in either Los Angeles or Oakland.


San Francisco archbishop was Joseph Thomas McGucken (1962-1977)

1972 SS. Peter and Paul's (Italian)

San Francisco

A woman reported to the L.A. Vicar for Clergy's office in 1993 that she had been molested in around 1970 by Miani, when she was in sixth grade and for several years.


Indexed as Titian Miani, s.d.b., at this parish, but the 1970, 1971, and 1972 Directories do not list him there in the San Francisco diocesan pages.

Parish was run by the Salesian order, and had a school with 189-221 boys and 1782-178 girls.

  1970 University of San Francisco San Francisco CA student Graduated in 1970


Stockton bishop was Merlin Joseph Guilfoyle (1969-1979) followed by Roger Michael Mahony (1980-1985), Donald William Montrose (1985-1999), and Stephen Edward Blaire (1999- )

1981 Holy Cross Linden CA 1/1 Administrator

Indexed and listed as Rev.Titian A. Miani beginning in the 1975 Directory.

Miani left the Salesian order in 1974 and became incardinated in the Stockton diocese.

1981 1985 St. Patrick's Angel's Camp CA

2/2, 1/1, 1/2

Miani worked under Rev. Aloys Conrad Gruber 1982-1983, and is listed as "Parochial Vicar for the Upper Sierras". Rev. John B. Wang, s.d.b., worked under Miani 1983-1985.

Two parishes were missions of St. Patrick's (see below), and Lake Alpine was a station.
1981 1985 St. Patrick's Murphy's CA   This was a Mission of St. Patrick's in Angel's Camp.
1981 1985 Our Lady of the Sierra Arnold CA   This was a Mission of St. Patrick's in Angel's Camp.
1985 1993 St. Luke's Stockton CA

3/4, 3/5, 3/6

Pastor was Rev. Aloys Conrad Gruber, second priest was Joseph Nguyen Vinh. In residence 1985-1990 was Rev. George F. Lacey. Rev. William L. Kraft was a fourth priest 1990-1991, replaced by Rev. John D. Riley 1991-1993. During 1988-1992 Deacon George Reinert worked at St. Luke's, joined 1991-1993 by Deacon Joseph Artesi.

St. Luke's had a school with 331-348 students.
1993 2008 Retired/St. Luke's


Arrested and charged in 2003 with having sexually abused two girls in the 1960s in Bellflower CA. Charges dropped do to a CA Supreme Court ruling which reimposed the statute of limitations that had been briefly lifted.


3/4, 4/6, 4/7, 3/6

Pastor was Rev. Aloys Conrad Gruber until 1996, replaced by Rev. Harmon D. Skillin, JCD 1996-2004. Pastor 2004-2007 was Rev. Matthew O'Donnell. Rev. Tuan Nguyen, s.d.b. was second priest 1995-1996, replaced in that position 1996-2000 by Rev. Dean McFalls, when Nguyen was listed third.He moves back to second spot thereafter. Retired Rev. George Lacey returned 1996-2001. Rev. Paul Tran, s.d.b. is fourth priest 1999-2000. Third priest 2000-2003 was Francisco Naranjo. Rev. John Lindsay, o.s.f.s. was third priest listed 2006-2007. Deacon Joseph Artesi continued at St. Luke's 1995-2007, joined by Deacon Haet Tansaeng 2001-2007 and Deacon Glenn Sell 2003-2007.

St. Luke's had a school with 375-200 students. In the mid 1990s, St. Luke's begins to be referred to as "Vietnamese."

The Stockton diocesan pages of the 1994 and 1995 Directories index Miani with an address at Casa Manana. The 1996-2007 Directories list him in the Stockton diocesan pages at St. Luke's, and with the Casa Manana address. The 2004-2007 Directories also index Miani at Diamond Springs, CA.

Per diocesan officials, Miani was removed from active ministry in 2002. He had been a supply priest during his retirement prior to his removal.

Miani was listed in 2010 on the Stockton diocese's website as retired. He is not listed there in Aug. 2013.

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