Assignment Record – Rev. Angel Crisostomo Mariano, s.j.

Summary of Case: A Jesuit priest of the California Province ordained in 1992, Mariano served as a parish priest in San Jose. In 1998 he was convicted of child molestation, having performed oral sex on a teenage boy while posing as a 25-year-old woman. He served five months in jail. Jesuit leaders had reprimanded Mariano for sexual misconduct at least five years prior to the 1998 incident. After his release from prison Mariano moved to the Jesuit community at Los Gatos; in 2002 he was accused of sexually abusing a mentally retarded man who washed dishes at the Los Gatos facility. In May 2002 Mariano was living in a Jesuit residence at Santa Clara University.

Ordained: 1992


Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes
1992 1993      

Mariano is not indexed in the 1993 Directory.


San Jose bishop was Roland Pierre DuMaine (1981-1999).

1998 Most Holy Trinity

San Jose

A police officer caught Mariano in a sex act with a 17-year- old boy in a parked car in Sept. 1998, in Campbell, CA. He had arranged to meet two boys over the internet, saying he was a 25- year-old woman. He was wearing lipstick and rouge when he met the boys. Mariano was arrested, convicted, and sent to jail for five months. Parishioners at Most Holy Trinity were not informed of the reason for his departure from the parish.

CA 1/4, 2/2

Parish had a school with 243-310 students and a CCD program with 628 students.

The Jesuits had reprimanded Mariano for sexual misconduct at least five years prior to the 1998 incident.

1998 1999        

Mariano is not indexed in the 1999 Directory.

Mariano spent six months at a treatment facility for sex offenders in Maryland, after his release from jail.


Patrick Joseph McGrath replaced DuMaine as bishop (1999- ).

2002 Sacred Heart Jesuit Center

Los Gatos

Mariano was accused in a 2002 lawsuit of sexually abusing a mentally retarded man, who was a dishwasher at Sacred Heart Jesuit Center.


Mariano's name no longer appears in the Directories after 2002

As of 2002, Mariano was living at a Jesuit residential facility near Santa Clara University.

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