Rev. Harvey Lamothe

Summary of Case: Lamothe was accused of sexually abusing at least one male minor in the Manchester diocese, between 1979-1985. He was named as an abuser in a 2002 settlement with Manchester victims. Lamothe died in 1987.

Ordained: June 1947
Died: Jan. 12, 1987

Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Milwaukee archbishop was Moses Elias Kiley (1940-1953)

1950 Sacred Heart Monastery Hales Corners WI

This is noted to be the Scholasticate of the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart. Lamothe was of this order, according to the Directories, until 1963. Prior to the 1964 Directory, he is referred to as Rev. Harvey Lamothe, s.c.j.


Ft. Wayne bishop was John Francis Noll (1924-1956)

1951 Divine Heart Seminary Donaldson IN  


1951 1952 Sacred Heart Monastery Hales Corners WI    


Scranton bishop was William Joseph Hafey (1938-1954)

1953 Seminary of the Sacred Heart Homesdale PA Provincial Secretary



Springfield bishop was William Aloysius O'Connor (1948-1975)

1959? Sacred Heart Mission House Ste. Marie IL Superior

Lamothe is referred to as "Very Rev."

The 1959 Directory indexes Lamothe at this assignment, but does not list him there in the Springfield diocesan pages.


Quebec archbishop was Maurice Roy (1947-1981)


Ste.Marguerite dii Lacc Masson

Cte. de Terrebonne P.Q. Canada    


Manchester bishop was Ernest John Primeau (1959-1974)

1964 St. Christopher's



NH 4/4 ,3/3 St. Christopher's had a school with 163-172 boys and 174-182 girls.
1964 1967 St. George's Manchester NH 3/4, 2/3  
1967 1969 Holy Rosary Rochester NH 3/3 Holy Rosary had a school with 198-185 boys and 202-193 girls.
1969 1970 St. John the Evangelist Hudson NH 2/3

St. John's had a school with 312 boys and 286 girls.

1970 1974 St. Patrick's Pelham NH 2/2 St. Patrick's had a school with 377-277 students.
1970 1974 St. Margaret's       This was a mission of St. Patrick's in Pelham.


Primeau was replaced in 1974 by Odore Joseph Gendron (1974-1990)

1975 St. Catherine Charlestown NH 1/1  
1975 1979 Sacred Heart of Jesus


Lamothe has been accused of sexual abuse of at least one male minor associated with this parish. The abuse abuse was alleged to have included mastubation, oral sex, pornography, and naked photographing of the victim.

NH 2/2, 2/3  
1979 1985 St. Mary's


The Manchester diocese disclosed to the NH Attorney General in a Jan. 2005 audit that Lamothe sexually abused a youth between 1979-1985 at St. Mary's. The abuse is said to have occurred at the parish and on trips.

NH 1/1  
1985 1986 Retired Rollinsford NH   Lamothe's address was a Rollingsford P.O. Box
1986 1987 Retired York Beach ME   Lamothe died Jan. 12, 1987

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