Rev. Gustave "Gus" Krumm, o.f.m.

Summary of Case: A priest of the Franciscan Order, Krumm has been accused of sexually abusing at least nine boys. In 2002, after a news outlet reported a 1995 settlement of a lawsuit which named him as an abuser, Krumm acknowledged "past indiscretions" in the 1970s and 1980s, while he was a seminarian and after ordination. Many of Krumm's victims were students at St. Anthony Seminary High School in Santa Barbara, CA. A 1993 report by an independent review board determined that at least 34 St. Anthony's students were sexually abused by 11 Franciscans over three decades. Krumm was kept in ministry beyond the 1995 settlement. He was removed from his position as pastor of a Portland, OR parish in May 2002, after the publicity about the earlier accusation and settlement. The diocese had known about the earlier accusations when it hired him in 1998. Krumm was quietly moved to a Franciscan parish in Sacramento, CA in May 2003, but was removed from there after six weeks when news media revealed his whereabouts. Two more men accused Krumm of molesting them at their Huntington Beach, CA parish when they were children in the early 1990s. The jury in that civil trial ruled in favor of the Franciscans in Oct. 2011. Krumm is reportedly no longer a priest. He is thought to be working for the state in Sacramento.

: 1982


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Orange bishop was William Robert Johnson (1976-1986)


St. Anthony's Seminary High School

Santa Barbara

Krumm was accused of sexually abusing a sophomore at this school during the 1980-1981 school year. The accuser said he reported the abuse to school authorities but "they never got back to me".

Krumm admitted in 2002 to sexual misconduct during his years at St. Anthony's. In a 2011 civil trial, an attorney for the Franciscans acknowledged that Krumm had abused seven teenagers. At least one accuser said his abuse occurred at the Santa Barbara Mission, in 1980.

CA Seminarian This was a Franciscan minor seminary and boarding school.


Reno-Las Vegas bishop was Norman Francis McFarland (1976-1986)

1985 St. James the Apostle Las Vegas NV 2/2, 3/3  
1982 1985 St. John's Overton NV 1/1 1983-1985 This was a mission of St. James in Las Vegas.


Los Angeles archbishop was Roger Michael Mahony (1985-2011)

1987 St. Anthony's Seminary High School

Santa Barbara

In 1993 an Independent Board of Inquiry determined that at least 34 St. Anthony's students were sexually abused by 11 Franciscans at the school between 1963-1987.


St. Anthony's had 61-73 students.

The board was formed at the insistence of the victims' parents. The board's report stated, "a cancerous evil existed in the institution." .

St. Anthony's closed in 1987 reportedly for financial reasons.

1987 1988 Bishop Diego Garcia High School Santa Barbara CA    

July 1988

Orange bishop was Norman Francis McFarland (1986-1998)

Sept. 1998

SS. Simon and Jude

Huntington Beach

Krumm was accused in a 2009 lawsuit, along with fellow priest, Alexander Manville, of having sexually abused an 8 year-old boy at this parish in the early 1990s. The accuser's brother joined the lawsuit later, saying that he, too, was victimized by the two priests.

CA 2/5, 2/4, 3/5, 3/6

SS. Simon and Jude had a school with 585-646 students, and a CCD program with 1,124-500 students.

The former St. Anthony's Seminary High School student who accused Krumm of molesting him in 1980 received a settlement in 1995 as part of a lawsuit involving 30 students accusing 11 Franciscans. Despite that, the allegations against Krumm were deemed by church authorities to be "not credible", and Krumm was kept in ministry.


Portland archbishop was John George Vlazny (1997-)



Portland OR 1/2, 1/3, 1/4

Ascension had a CCD program with 96-173 students.

Vlazny knew about the 1980s allegations against Krumm yet allowed him to work in the archdiocese. Parishioners were not informed.

Krumm was removed from active ministry in the Portland archdiocese in May 2002 after he admitted to past "indiscretions" in the early 1970s and mid-1980s. His admission came after a newspaper disclosed the 1995 settlement. An Ascension youth minister had complained in 2000 to her boss, Fr. Finian McGinn, that Krumm posed a risk to children. She said Krumm had pressured her to hire a man as a youth leader who had been banned from working with children in the diocese of Orange. She refused to comply.

2002 2003         Krumm is not indexed beyond the 2002 Directory.

May 2003

Sacramento bishop was William Kenneth Weigand (1993-2008)

July 2003 St. Francis of Assisi Sacramento CA In residence. The Franciscans placed Krumm at this parish in May 2003, without informing the diocese of the accusations against him. He was living in the rectory, right next to the parish elementary school. After six weeks, when news media publicized Krumm's whereabouts, Krumm was removed from St. Francis of Assisi.

July 2003


2011 Sacramento CA  

A lawsuit filed in 2002 named 8 Franciscans, including Krumm, as having molested minors in Santa Barbara over three decades. The suit resulted in a settlement in 2006. There were 25 plaintiffs.

A 2009 lawsuit brought by two brothers who said Krumm and Manville sexually abused them in the early 1990s at a Huntington Beach parish ended in Oct. 2011 with the jury ruling in favor of the Franciscans.

Per news reports in May 2011, Krumm was no longer a priest and was working for the state in Sacramento.


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