Rev. Rudolph Kos

Ordained: 1981

Sued in 1993-1994 by at least twelve victims. Abuse occurred before ordination, during priesthood, and while he was on leave from treatment at Paracletes. There was a $119 mil civil jury verdict for Plaintiffs July 1997, reduced to $30.9 mil after negotiations in 1998. Convicted in 1998 of criminal abuse of four of the plaintiffs. Received four life sentences. Laicization announced June, 1998. Later lawsuits also filed.



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His two younger brothers say that, as a teenager, Kos molested them and younger boys in the neigborhood. Two of his brothers testified in 1997 that Kos spent a year in a juvenile detention center for abusing a neighbor. (San Diego News Notes
September 1997)

WI   Raised in Milwaukee.
1964 1968 U.S. Air Force     medic Briefly married in 1966 and divorced. Ex-wife says she told church officials during annulment process that the marriage was never consummated and that Kos "had a problem with boys". (San Diego News Notes
September 1997)
1968 1977

Methodist Medical Center


Dallas TX Coordinator of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Kos was a registered nurse. Became legal guardian of a boy who had been treated at the Center. (Dallas Morning News
December 26, 1993)


Dallas bishop was Thomas Ambrose Tschoepe (1969-1990)


Holy Trinity Seminary




A complaint was filed by 1981 with the diocese that Kos was sexually agressive with other seminarians. (Freethought Today
[A Publication of the Freedom from Religion Foundation]
September 1997)

July 15, 1980 Aug. 24, 1980

Sacred Heart



Texarkana TX    
1980 1981 Methodist Hospital Dallas TX   Student in Clinical Pastoral Education program.
May 7, 1981 Aug. 15, 1981

Holy Spirit


In residence and helping out on weekends, while in the CPE program at Methodist Hospital during the week.

Sept. 1, 1981 1985

All Saints




Is said to have sexually abused as many as 50 boys in this and the parishes to which he was subsequently assigned. (Freethought Today
[A Publication of the Freedom from Religion Foundation]
September 1997).



Pastor was Msgr. Raphael Kamel. Second priest 1981-1982 was Robert Peebles, followed 1982-1985 by Rev. Gregory Kelly.



Peebles admitted to being a pedophile, and that he had sexually abused 16 boys. He was arrested in 1984 for sexual assault of a 14 year old boy while an Army Chaplain at Ft. Benning GA. Laicized in 1989. Last known to be working as a government lawyer in New Orleans. (Dallas Morning News
October 27, 2002)

July 5, 1985 1988

St. Luke's




Fr. Clayton concerned about Kos' behavior with boys, and called vicar general Msgr. Rehkemper to discuss in Jan. 1986. Fr. Clayton documented that Kos had boys stay overnight with him four out of five nights per week 2/26-86-5/12/86. He sent the information to Rehkemper. Clayton also wrote of his concerns to Bishop Tschoepe (San Diego News Notes
September 1997)



Pastor was Rev. Daniel J. Clayton. In residence was Rev. Joseph Haley.

St. Luke's had a school with 356-335 students.


Charles Victor Grahmann replaced Tschoepe as bishop (1990-2007)


St. John Nepomucene




Fr. Williams testified in 1997 trial that he was "alarmed from the day Kos arrived....about the amount of time he spent with boys", and that he saw Kos in his bed with a boy in the room. (Documents of Windle Turley




Working under Kos were Rev. Ernesto Torres (Phillipines) 1988-1989 and 1990-1991, Deacons Don L. Griffith and Ralph R. Gordon 1988-1990, Rev. Robert Williams 1991-1993, and Rev. Jose Parada as third priest 1992-1993.

St. John's had a grade school with 283-330 students, a high school with 155-225 students, and a C.C.D. program with 401-435 students.

Not in indexed in the Directories after 1993.

1988 1992

Corpus Christi




Removed from ministry in Oct. 1992 due to allegations that he abused two boys from 1985-1992. (Dallas Morning News July 17, 1993) In April of 1992 a therapist had told diocesan officials that Kos showed signs that he was a "classic textbook pedophile." It was 6 months before he was removed and sent to the Servants of the Paraclete treatment center in New Mexico. (Dallas Morning News
December 7, 1993) Parishioners were told only that Kos voluntarily resigned to seek treatment for stress. (San Diego News Notes
September 1997)

In 1992 a 21 year old man committed suicide after years of sexual abuse by Kos. (Dallas Morning News
April 2, 1998)


Corpus Christi was a mission of St. John Nepomucene.

Not in indexed in the Directories after 1993.

Kos moved to San Diego, where he worked as a free lance paralegal.

1992 Dec. 1993

Servants of the Paraclete


Jemez Springs

A young man testified in the 1997 trial that Kos called him several times from the treatment center. (San Diego News Notes
September 1997)

NM inpatient This was a treatment center for clergy sex offenders. Hundreds of New Mexico children were sexually abused by priests who had been treated here and released. (Palm Beach Post
June 28, 1998) Kos checked out in Dec.1993, and was suspended as a priest.
Dec. 1993 Fall

San Diego

In July 1997 an eleven week civil trial against the Dallas diocese concluded in favor of eleven plaintiffs who had been sexually abused by Kos between 1981-1992, when they were children. The diocese was found to have committed fraud and conspiracy in covering up the sexual abuse. Jurors also found that the diocese's gross negligance and Kos' abuse were "proximate cause" of the 1992 suicide of one victim. Jurors read a statement admonishing the diocese, and received a thirty second standing ovation. (Freethought Today September 1997)

CA freelance paralegal Kos moved to San Diego, used an assumed name, and worked as a freelance paralegal. (Dallas Morning News
July 25, 1997)
Fall 1997    


Arrested and extradited to Texas. Convicted of sexual abuse of four boys he had met at three Dallas parishes 1987-1992 (Dallas Morning News April 1, 1998) Sentenced to life in prison. (Dallas Morning News April 2, 1998)


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