Assignment Record– Rev. Robert Kapoun

Summary of Case: Known as the "Polka Padre", Kapoun had a band that played polka music at mass and at churches throughout Minnesota. Kapoun is known to have sexually abused adolescent boys as early as 1966, and throughout his career. He was the subject of five lawsuits, in 1989 and 1995. Archbishop Roach is said to have known of Kapoun's sexual abuse of children in at least 1973, when he was an auxiliary bishop, but took no action. Kapoun admitted to sexually abusing boys. He wasn't removed from ministry until 1996 when a victim went public, imploring the bishop to remove him. He was given early retirement in 1997, and paid a monthly amount by the archdiocese that exceeded his pension. In December 2013 Kapoun was known to be splitting his time between his lake front home in Cold Spring, Minnesota, and a home in Palmetto, Florida. He died in Florida December 10, 2020.

Ordained: 1964
Retired: 1997
Died: December 10, 2020

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Leo Binz was archbishop of St. Paul-Minneapolis (1961-1975).

1967 Holy Redeemer Montgomery MN


Pastor was Rev. Francis J. Tomek.

Parish had a school with 378-363 students.
1967 1971 St. Kevin


Kapoun was accused in a 1995 lawsuit of sexually abusing a St. Kevin's altar boy and parish school student from 1966-1969.



Kapoun worked under Rev. Robert A. Vashro.

Parish had a school with 335-253 students.

1971 1974 St. Raphael's

Crystal Village

Kapoun was accused in a 1989 civil suit of having sexually abused a 12-year-old St. Raphael's altar boy, who was also a student at the parish school, in 1973 and 1974.

In a 1995 lawsuit Kapoun was accused of sexually abusing a boy in 1973. The boy's father had died, and Kapoun is said to have stepped in as a "father figure". A parishioner is said to have reported the accusations to Bishop Roach, whose response was "Well, it might be true, and then again maybe it



Pastor was Msgr. Stanley J. Smec. In the third spot were Revs. Robert J. Carlson in 1971-1972, James B. Finnegan 1972-1973, and Joseph L. Wajda 1973-1974.

Parish had a school with 614-578 students.


Wajda was accused in two 1989 lawsuits of sexually adolescent boys at St. Raphael's in 1973 and 1974. He was allowed to continue working as a priest until 2002.


John Robert Roach replaced Binz as St. Paul-Minneapolis archbishop (1975-1995).

1976 Home of the Good Shepherd

St. Paul

Kapoun was accused in a 1995 lawsuit of sexually abusing a St. Raphael's altar boy and parish school student in 1975. Some of the abuse is said to have occurred at the Home of the Good Shepherd.



A second chaplain, Rev. John Fitzpatrick, worked under Kapoun 1975-1976.

The Home of the Good Shepherd is characterized in the Directories as a protective institution. It had 60 girls.

1976 1977 Sick Leave        
1977 1984 St. Patrick's

Cedar Lake

In a 1995 lawsuit Kapoun was accused of abusing a boy at St. Patrick's in 1980 or 1981.

MN 1/1 Msgr. Smec testified in 1995 trial that in 1983 he reported allegations against Kapoun to Archbishop Roach.
1977 1984 St. Catherine's Spring Lake MN 1/1 Administrator St. Catherine's was a mission of St. Patrick's.
1984 1996 St. Scholastica Heidelberg MN 1/1 Roach testified in a 1996 trial that he allowed Kapoun to stay in ministry in 1987, despite knowing he had sexually abused boys, because he thought he was a "changed man" after he had received counseling, and that he found Kapoun to be "believable, holy, very honest...". Kapoun admitted to abusing boys, but denied abusing some of those who sued.
1984 1996 St. Joseph's Lexington MN 1/1

In Feb. 1996 a jury awarded one of Kapoun's victims $1.1 million in damages, but the MN Court of Appeals reversed the decision in 1997 on a technicality.

The archdiocese and Kapoun filed to collect $6,000 from the victim to defray legal expenses.


Harry Joseph Flynn replaced Roach as St. Paul-Minneapolis archbishop (1995-2008).

1996 St. Thomas' St. Thomas MN 1/1 Kapoun was removed from the three parishes in which he was working in 1996 only after one of his victims went public.
1996 1998 Special Assignment   MN Chancery Pro Tem In 1997 Kapoun was given early retirement; he was paid monthly by the archdiocese an amount that exceeded his pension.
1997 2001 Special Assignment; Retired Cold Spring MN Chancery Pro Tem  
2001 2002 Retired Cold Spring MN   Kapoun is not indexed beyond the 2002 Directory.
2002 2020   Cold Spring/

In an October 2013 interview Kapoun stated that he split his time between his lakefront property in Cold Spring, MN and a second home in Florida.

Died December 10, 2020 in Palmetto, FL. 

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