Rev. William N. Cramer

Ordained: 1977

Accused of abusing two young brothers in 1984. Their mother told the diocese, which then transferred him. Reported to police in 1985; convicted in 1988 and received three years probation. Each child received $38K in a civil suit. Worked as hospital chaplain beginning in 1991. Placed on leave 2002. Cramer hired a canon lawyer to fight his suspension. His name is included in the "Perversion Files," a national list of Boy Scout Leaders accused of being molesters which was released in October 2012.  Included on th  Paterson diocese's list of accused February 13, 2019.

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Bishop was Frank Joseph Rodimer (1977-2004)

1985 Our Lady of the Lake


Indicted in 1985 on charges of sexual assault and criminal sexual contact. He admitted to improperly touching two boys, ages 11 and 14. The boys were brothers and were being counseled in 1984 by Cramer, as their family was going through a divorce. (The Record
April 24, 2002)


3/3 , 2/3, 2/2

Pastor was Rev. Charles C. Cassidy. Second priest1977-1978 was Rev. Robert G. Hoffmann, while Cramer was third. Cramer moved up to second priest thereafter. Third priest 1978-1982 was Patrick E. Brown, and 1982-1985 it was James Moss.

Parish had a school with 603-426 students.
    Our Lady of the Valley Wayne NJ   This assignment is per news reports. (The Record
April 14, 2002)
  1985 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Boonton NJ   This assignment is per news reports. He resigned from this parish after being indicted by a grand jury. (The Record
April 14, 2002)
1985 1991 Absent on Leave      

In 1988 Cramer pleaded guilty to two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and was sentenced to three years probation. In a later civil trial, he was found liable. (The Record
April 24, 2002)

1991 2002 St. Joseph Hospital Paterson NJ Chaplain Cramer was removed from this assignment in June 2002, due to the U.S. bishops' zero tolerance policy adopted at their Dallas meeting that month. (The Record
June 20, 2002) Cramer hired a canon lawyer to fight his dismissal. (The Record
July 9, 2002)


Rodimer was replaced by Arthur Joseph Serratelli (2004- )

2005 Unassigned      


2005 2007 Absent on Leave        

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