Rev. Michael E. Brewer

Summary of Case: Brewer was accused in a 1993 lawsuit of having molested a 17-year-old boy in 1990 at a Kansas City, MO parish. Other families from the parish are a said to have complained that Brewer inappropriately touched their boys as well. Brewer was transferred to another parish. He left the priesthood in around 1993, and moved to Colorado in 1995. Brewer maintains his innocence. He became an attorney and in 2012 is Executive Director of a foundation in Boulder whose mission is to serve disadvantaged youth and their families.

: 1986
Incardinated: Kansas City-St. Joseph


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Kansas City-St. Joseph bishop was John Joseph Sullivan (1977-1993)

1991 St. Elizabeth's

Kansas City

Brewer and the diocese were sued in 1993 by a couple whose son told them Brewer molested him when he was 17 years-old in 1990. Their son was invited with a friend to spend a night at the rectory, After an evening of watching movies, the couple's son said Brewer touched and fondled him while he (the boy) was sleeping. They confronted church officials who are said to have told them "this happens to young men all the time", and that their son "would get over it". Further, they said diocesan officials told them to "forgive and forget".

Several parish families are said to have accused Brewer of "improperly touching" their sons.

MO 2/2, 2/3 St. Elizabeth's had a school with 398-253 students.
1991 1993 St. John La Lande Blue Springs MO 2/2 St. John La Lande had a school with 233 students.


Sullivan was succeeded by Raymond James Boland (1993-2005)

1995   Silver Springs MD   Brewer left the priesthood sometime before Sept. 1994. He may have left Missouri to live in Silver Springs, MD in 1993. Silver Springs is the home of St. Luke's Institute, a facility which treats priests who have sexually abused minors.
1995 2012     CO  

Brewer is known in Jan. 2012 to be Executive Director of the Brett Family Foundation in Boulder, CO. Per his bio. on the Foundation's website, Brewer arrived in Colorado in 1995. "He was the first executive director of the Western Colorado AIDS Project, headquartered in Grand Junction, before moving to Denver to attend law school at the University of Denver. After graduating, Mike served as legal director of the Colorado Legal Initiatives Project (CLIP), the legal advocacy organization for the state's gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. After CLIP merged with the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center of Colorado (The Center), he became The Center's public policy director. Mike's community involvement has included service as a member of Mayor Wellington Webb's GLBT advisory committee, chair of Mayor John Hickenlooper's GLBT Commission, and chair of the board of the ACLU of Colorado. Amongst his other interests, Mike is a language enthusiast and has spent significant time in Mexico learning Spanish."

Brewer has maintained that he is innocent.


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