Assignment Record – Bro. Guy Beaulieu, S.C.

Summary of Case: A New England Province Brother of the Sacred Heart, Beaulieu admitted to molesting at least 20 students over a 20-year period at Bishop Guertin High School and at Camp Fatima in New Hampshire. He also admitted to abusing a 15-year-old boy at Sacred Heart Prep School in Harrisville, Rhode Island in 1971. The matter was reported at the time to then-principal Leo Labbe – since himself accused of child rape – and then-Provincial Superior Ronald Dupuis. Beaulieu was transferred to a Sacred Heart Brothers' retirement home in Rhode Island in 1990.


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes
    Sacred Heart Preparatory High School


Beaulieu admitted in 2002 to abusing a 15 year-old Sacred Heart student in 1971.


Beaulieu said he made the admission to then Principal Leo Labbe, SC and that Provincial Superior Brother Ronald Dupuis was informed. Labbe and Dupuis said they didn't remember the admission of sexual abuse by Beaulieu, or knowledge of abuse by Beaulieu.

Labbe was accused in 2002 of having sexually abused an 11 year-old boy in 1960-1961 at a Massachusetts school. Labbe denied the abuse.

1970s   Camp Fatima


Three men came forward in May 2002 with accusations that Beaulieu sexually abused them when they were boys in the 1970s, at Camp Fatima. One of the men said Beaulieu abused him in the summer of 1973 at the camp, and that the abuse continued into his freshman year at Bishop Guertin High School that fall.

Two brothers surfaced in May 2002 with accusations that Beaulieu molested them in 1972 at Camp Fatima, when they were 8 and 6 years old. They said that on two occasions Beaulieu had them take naps in his private cabin, after which he climbed into bed with them and fondled them.

In a July 2002 lawsuit, Beaulieu was accused of sexually abusing a 10 year-old boy in 1975 or 1976 at Camp Fatima.

NH staff member  
1971 1990 Bishop Guertin High School


Beaulieu was investigated in 2002, along with another Guertin teacher, after accusations surfaced that they had sexually assaulted students during the late 1970s. Beaulieu admitted in a deposition that he had sexually abused 15-20 students, and approached 50-75 others.

A former administrative assistant said she used to see Beaulieu slide up to students, press his hips against them and rub their thighs.

A man who taught with Guertin said publicly in 1997 that he was concerned in the 1970s when he happened upon Guertin and a student in the back of a school bus, and thought he was "interrupting something". The student later said Guertin had been fondling him. The boy's parents were said to have alerted school officials, who did nothing.

Beaulieu was accused in an Oct. 2003 lawsuit of sexually abusing a Guertin student in 1974, the spring of the boy's freshman year.

Several former students said Beulieu touched students during and after class, and would caress students' thighs in the classroom as he checked their work.

One man said in 2003 that Beulieu sexually abused him beginning when he was 12 years-old at Camp Fatima, and ending when he was a sixteen year-old Guertin student. The man said he dropped out of school abruptly the day Guertin tried to force oral sex on him, and he never completed high school. The abuse is said to have occurred from 1972-1975.

NH math teacher; golf coach

Sacred Heart leaders were accused in a 2003 lawsuit of knowing of but doing nothing about allegations against Beaulier in 1971.


Beaulieau was said to have been removed from Bishop Guertin High due to allegations that he had sexually abused students there.


1990   Brothers of the Sacred Heart Burrillville RI   Beaulieu was transferred to the Brothers' Rhode Island retirement home in 1990. In 2002 he was known to be doing maintenance work.



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