Archdiocese of Paraná Acknowledges Acts of Corruption of Minors Denounced by Análisis Digital, But Doesn’t Explain Why Authorities Weren’t Notified Sooner

[The Church’s official statement] expresses “deep shame and immense sorrow for the very serious transgressions.”

Análisis Digital
September 13, 2012

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[Photo Caption: Monsignor Puíggari issued the release of the official statement]

The Archbishop of Paraná issued this afternoon an official statement acknowledging the denunciations made in today’s edition of Análisis Magazine.  The statement emphasized that, following directives from the Vatican, “a request was made to lift the statute of limitations in order to impose appropriate sanctions” against the priest in question, Justo José Ilarraz.

What is surprising is that the statement does not make mention of either the first or last name of the Paraná priest.  Moreover, the archdiocese does not specify the reasons why [the acts of corruption] weren’t reported in a timely manner to authorities in Entre Ríos. The statement, however, indicates that the accused priest has been removed from the ministry until the Vatican resolves his situation.  The illustrated print and online editions of Análisis show recent images of the pedophile priest in the act of officiating a mass at Monteros Parish, in Tucumán.  

[The Church’s] written communication does not explain why the Church waited 20 years to issue an official statement [concerning the Ilarraz case].  Or why [the case] passed through three archbishops (Estanislao Karlic, Mario Maulión, and Juan Puíggari) and two popes (John Paul II and Benedict XVI) before the Church publicly addressed this most “distressing topic.”

Reprint of the official statement, issued at the behest of the Archbishop of Paraná, Monsignor Juan Alberto Puíggari.

“In response to recent publications, the Archbishop of Paraná issues the following statement:

1. The recent media reports have caused us deep shame and immense sorrow for the very serious transgressions committed by one of the individuals who ought to be serving the moral life of the people, leading by example and by service through teaching.  This demands of us that we make our commitment to what is true and good ever more authentic and efficacious.

2. The publication in a weekly newspaper on the day 13 of the present month contains, along with true statements, inexactitudes and falsities.

3. When the facts first emerged, necessary measures were taken to elucidate the truth, all the while preserving the right to privacy and due process, and in accordance with our knowledge of the laws existing at the time.

4. Following directives from the Vatican, in particular, from his holiness Benedict XVI, a request was made to lift the statute of limitations in order to impose appropriate sanctions.

5. The measures carried out by the Archbishop of Paraná and by the Bishop of the Diocese of Concepción, Tucumán, have resulted in the separation of the accused priest from his ministerial duties until the Vatican resolves the situation at hand.

6. The Church, which always wishes to go forth in accordance with the gospel and with justice, asks God for our faithful adherence to His will.

September 13, 2012

Pbro Ignacio Luis PATAT
Responsable Oficina de Prensa y Comunicación
Arzobispado de Paraná
Monte Caseros 77, E31000ACA-PARANÁ, Entre Ríos
(0343) 4311440


















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